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What is MD iPass?

Healthcare without the hassle.

Doctor Visits: Speak with a doctor whenever, wherever, however you want (phone, computer, mobile app)

Health Discounts: Save money on prescriptions, lab work, and more

Doctors are licensed in your state of residence and your privacy is as secure as an in-office visit. Once connected, the doctor will review your health history, answer questions, diagnose, and order what’s medically necessary.

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What Does MD iPass Cost?

Membership is FREE.

Visits are fee-for-service.

| Chat with a nurse: FREE

| eConsult with a doctor: $35

| Speak with a doctor: $55

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How Does MD iPass Work?

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What People Are Saying


The nurse at MD iPass guided me through an eConsult and I had a new prescription in a couple of hours.


Thanks to MD iPass I was able to enjoy my vacation with no disruption!
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Without missing any work, I was on the road to recovery and had saved hundreds of dollars. I will refer my friends to MD iPass!

Business Owner

Being able to help you receive the healthcare you deserve at an affordable cost and at your convenience is one of the many reasons I find it rewarding to be a part of the MD iPass Doctor Network.

MD iPass Doctor